Behind the Smile Commercial

Interactive, Commercial, Videography, and Photography, and Search Marketing for OrthoTech Labs

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Jay Benjamin
Creative Technologist

Jay Benjamin
Photography & Videography

Jay Benjamin
Concept & Copywriting

Jay Benjamin

There was an Orthodontic Tradeshow in New Orleans, and honestly, we didn’t want to go.  Our budget was 50% of what we normally spend going to a show. Our target was for General Local Awareness, and we needed a video that would represent the Orthodontic Lab to the general public. OrthoTech Labs was also desperately in need of new videos and photos for the website. We scheduled the shoot for a weekend and shot over 50 retainers with a macro lens. This allowed us to get real close and magnify the retainers and oral appliances. It made you notice the details and craftsmanship. We decided to go with “Behind the Smile” for the campaign and we were going to talk about all the work that goes into making a smile- from the doctors work, to the patients work, and then parallel that on top of all the handcrafted work that goes into OrthoTech’s appliances.

That week, we wrote to over 200 popular Youtubers and asked them if they’d like to be part of our story. We received over 80 responses and got to work. You can’t help but smile at the finished piece. Over 50 hours of footage and hundreds of photos were collected. We even created 360° photos for the website. Those shot’s were also included in the commercial.


    The Results

    We sectioned off our local hometown and all of New Orleans for the tradeshow weekend in Google Adwords. Every Orthodontic and Dental related keyword searched in those areas had to watch our awesome video ad on Youtube before their video played.  It resulted in thousands of people at the tradeshow being exposed to our brand, even though we weren’t there. We followed it up with Google Remarketing and Market Automation to turn those viewers into leads. We spent 30% of our usual tradeshow budget, got new photos for the website, a new video, and thousands of viewers.