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Jay Benjamin
Art Director

John Newton
Project Manager

Uber had already had a presence in the Greensboro, NC area for about a year when a local Taxi service asked us to help out with branding and identity. Their existing identity was generic, boring, and didn’t connect with their existing customers and clients.

With a fleet of 16 cars and vans, our job was to come up with some refreshing ideas. There are a lot of reasons to call a car service. We made a list of instances like going to the airport, or having car problems. Getting from Point A to B and not having the ability comes down to necesity. We wanted to address that and came up with “Places to Be”

The old decals were removed from the cars and a custom vinyl wrap replaced the look. We wanted to look friendly, dependable, and sharp. We also wanted to appeal to a more young professionals in the area.

Each cab had a funny phrase at the rear of the vehicle, making it an experience to see one of the branded vehicles. We also placed NFC Tap points at the rear of the vehicle so that People with NFC enabled phones could hail a cab by tapping their phone on the vehicle.

The finished logo took the familiar places icon and put a 12 in the negative space. This was now a brand that could go toe to toe with Uber in our local market. With a change in service offerings, they were able to leverage their unique abilities over Uber’s.