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OrthoTech Labs
The Client

Jay Benjamin
Creative Technologist

Jay Benjamin
Concept & Copywriting

We love tech, so when we heard about an Orthodtic Lab wanting to make an app, we jumped on board. We had the app and design knowledge, however, learning about Orthodontics and Dental issues was a lot more technical. Understanding the industry would help us build a better app.

OrthoTech Labs wanted to create a cross platform app so their Doctors could view Digital Study models on any device.

We started out in Java, but quickly changed coarse to Unity 3D, a popular 3D Game Creation Software. On the app, Doctors and staff can manage and manipulate the models so that they can Diagnose and treat their patients.

The Results

NCdjs brand refresh allowed us to fundamentally change how we interact and talk to customers. From now on, everything was themed to the client’s moment. From the warmth of the colors on the website, to the choice of words, everything was built to reinforce ‘The Moment’. The entire gallery is driven by hashtags on instagram, allowing Paul Walker, the owner, to both interact on social networks and post new images to his site simultaneously.

By segmenting out each customer, it allows us to help customers better and the content is finely tuned to visitors needs. This made our quality scores and effectiveness on Search and Social Marketing incredibly powerful. NCdjs isn’t done yet. We add a page a month, carefully and strategically growing Paul’s website and user reach.