Vehicle Wrap with NFC

Outdoor, Print, and Mobile for TriadPrint

How we Made It

AboutThe Project
The Client

Jay Benjamin
Creative Technologist

Joseph Cunningham
Vinyl Instalation

John Newton
Google Intigration

How do you create a local presence without a location? is a group of designers that help small businesses with printing and signage needs. They travel to the clients’ place of business to get a better feel for what’s needed and what will work.

We wanted something different and interactive and we had a 2005 Honda Element and a budget of $5,000. The client wanted a rough, rugged look that had the standard 4 print colors; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

The winning design was a Matte Wrap. Matte Vinyl gives a slight luster without a glossy look. For a print company, we had to use color, but utilizing Matte Vinyl gave us the unique, colorful, and rugged look the client was looking for.

The Early Honda Element models have plastic panels that vinyl can’t adhere to. We compared different vinyl film manufacturers and found a match for the dark grey panels. This served as the base grey across the bottom. We then finished off the base layer with pink and blue. Graphics were then cut out and applied to the finished piece.

We then added Near Field Communication Stickers on the inside of the windows. NFC is a wireless technology that allows users to tap their phones on a sensor to interact with the finished piece. On the first version, users who tapped the NFC area were taken to a Youtube video. The benefits of NFC on the other side of the window was that we can swap them out. We went from a Youtube video to an online idea helper to help small businesses better formulate their business ideas. Future plans will be to open the TriadPrint App.

All the NFC tag actions had geolocation, giving us the ability to know when, where, and sometimes who was tapping on  the vehicle. Using Google Remarketing, we were able to tag those users and deliver ads to them online via Adwords when they were browsing the web.

The Results

We like being the first. In this case, TriadPrint was known for having the first ever NFC Car Wrap.  We leveraged that with press releases to bring exposure to the company. Social, web traffic, and orders increased as a result. We took the vehicle to local festivals and events and gained even more new users and customers.

The most impactful result was displaying TriadPrint’s ability to bring new technology to an old industry like Printing. Not only was that technology useful, but it was easy to use and facilitate- and it made them unique. We partnered with them to create smart posters and interactive point of sale displays for some of their clients utilizing the same NFC Technology.